Makom Real Estate Services is a full service real estate company that provides it’s clients with individual attention, dedication, and innovative solutions to all of their real estate needs.


Commercial Leasing and Investment sales have experienced one of the most rapid recoveries among all area of real estate. Favorable economic conditions, job growth and and decreasing new supply have facilitated a boom in in commercial property that is expected to continue well into the 2020s.


Selecting the correct development project today requires more than just blueprints, bricks and mortar. Having the right product in the right market at the right time, is essential. Solid market research and planning, from start to finish, is key. Independent market research provides timely analysis that helps diminish risk, identify opportunity, and  establish value, allowing a real estate project to achieve its full potential.


In order for the client to make the best strategic decision, vital market research is used. With in-depth analysis of data to guide the client, deciding what and where to move in order to minimize risk and maximize profit are achieved. Makom Real Estate Services does this research, provides analysis and helps clients to take the best steps forward.